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Temperature Tips

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The Next Phase in Recovery Technology is Finally Here

Massage your muscles, while also applying Ice or Heat Treatment.

Icing muscles and applying cold packs have been used successfully for years by athletes to improve their recovery time and enhance their future performances. Dance Buddy is taking this to the next level with their Ice Pack Massage Tip. This gives you all the benefits of applying cold temperatures to your muscles to improve recovery times, while also massaging away tightness and improving circulation to even further reduce recovery time, allowing you to always remain at your best.

Do you enjoy a Hot Stone massage?... Yes, of course you do. Now you can enjoy that feeling everywhere you go by adding the Heating Tip to your Dance Buddy Portable Massager.  The incredible Heating Tip warms up to 140 degrees while giving your muscles an invigorating massage. This is outstanding preparation performances to loosen your muscles, maximize your range of motion, and ensure you are ready to hit the dance floor with fire.

NOTE: Dance Buddy Portable Massager required to use Temperature Tips and sold separately.

The Hot Temperature Massage Tip is charged using a Micro USB charging cable. Charging cable is included with purchase.

Charging the Massage Tip from 0 - 100% can be completed in approx 3.5 hours. While charging the indicator light will turn green when at 100% charge.

Once fully charged the Massage Tip can be used for 2-3 hours, depending on temperature intensity level chosen. When the battery is getting low on power, the indicator light will change from blue to red.

If the battery completely dies it is recommened to recharge back to 100% before using again.

If you have sensitive skin, or any other concerns about the temperature levels, please consult your docture before using the Massage Tips.

Every Dance Buddy product comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel the temperature is not within a comfortable range, you may return the Tips for a full refund.


The Hot Massage Tip has three Temperature Levels to choose from. All temperature settings are within safe range to apply to your skin without burning.

If you leave the Heating Tip powered on while not in contact with your skin the Heating Tip surface can feel quite warm when reapplying pressure to your skin. It is recommended to first lightly touch the surface of the Heating Tip to check the temperature again before applying full pressure to your skin again.

Maximum temperature at each level.

Level 1: 111 deg F
Level 2: 132 deg F
Level 3: 149 deg F

The Heating Massage Tip will shut off after 15 minutes.

This automatic shut off feature reminds users to stop massaging and applying temperature to specific areas of the body, allowing your muscles to rest and your skin to cool.

This also preserves the function of the massage tip, allowing the heating element to cool.


Try the Temperature Tips for 30 days. If you are not completely impressed with how great you feel, return it for a full 100% refund of the purchase price.

The Temperature Tips come with a 1-year warranty. If the Massage Tips stop working for *any reason Dance Buddy will replace the Massage Tips at no charge.

* Warranty does not cover water damage or physical damage from misuse.


Heat and Cold treatments can sometimes be fantastic for controlling pain and assisting with the healing process, but every patient and injury is unique.

Every Dance Buddy product comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. It is recommened to purchase the Massage Tips and show them to your doctor so they may best determine if the heating or cooling will assist with your healing process. If the doctor determines the tips are not right for you, return them for a full refund.

Massage Heating Tip Attachment

The Heating Massage Tip is an incredible tool to warm your muscles, increase flexibility, and improve your range of motion before hitting the dance floor.

How Should I Use My Heating Massage Tip?

This is best used for 5-10 minutes, just before doing your warm-up routines. Using the Heating Massage Tip prior to your warm-up will allow you to better prepare your muscles and body for full-out performance by improving your range of motion, increasing flexiblity, and reducing the chances of injuries such as torn muscles and strains.

The Heating Massage Tip is also wonderful in the evenings to prevent delayed soreness of your muscles after vigorus exercise and dancing. The added affect of warming while massaging will relax and rest your muscles. This not only allows for excellent circulation, it has the added benefit of giving an oustanding night of sleep.

Take Note: You are using a Heating Tip to warm your muscles. Although you may not feel an increase in your body temperature, please hydrate extra when warming up using the Heating Massage Tip.

Ice Pack Massage Tip Attachment

The benefits of icing muscles has been known to athletes for decades, if not longer. We cannot be happier about providing this next evolution in icing your muscles, by combining the amazing benefits of icing with the latest in massage technology.

When Should I Use The Icing Pack Tip?

The Ice Pack Massage Tip is best used shortly after a full-out performance to assist with quick recovery times and reduce muscle soreness.

The cooling effect of the Ice Pack Massage Tip is excellent for reducing inflammation and swelling in areas of your body. Even if you are not injured the added stress of full-out dancing will cause some minor inflammation and swelling, reducing this will prevent a lot of the minor aches and pains that naturally come after vigorous activity, such as sore arches and feet.

Icing while massaging will also improve your next performance. This cooling effect while massaging will improve your recovery time, allowing you to perform your best, even during long competition days, or back to back performances.

BONUS TIP: If you have short recovery times between your performances, Ice after your performance, then use the Heating Massage Tip to re-warm your muscles after the icing. This gives you the great benefits of icing, while avoiding cramping due to exercising with cold muscles after icing.

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