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Complete Recovery Toolset for Competition Season

Competition weekends push our bodies to the limits. Long weekends jam-packed with classes and performances. Competition weekends are an absolute BLAST, but they do demand a lot from our bodies. The Dance Buddy Competition Dance Pack - Plus is the complete recovery toolset needed to make sure you are feeling your best, so you can perform your best on stage.

Recover Faster & Perform Better on Competition Weekends

Dance Buddy fully understands the demands placed on your body during Competition Season. You give everything you have in your performances on stage, while also making the most of every minute of class to absorb knowledge from some of the best choreographers and teachers in the industry.

The Competition Dancer Pack - Plus is 5 of our best Massage & Recovery tools put together to keep your body feeling great, so you are delivering you best performance each time you step on the stage.

Not only are these tools effective at keeping you healthy, they are also travel friendly to easily move from city to city with you during competitions. They are lightweight and easily pack in your dance bag so they are available any time you need them. Bonus: All of these tools are TSA friendly, you can take them on both your carry-on luggage or a checked bag.

The Five Recovery Tools:

  • Dance Buddy Portable Massager
  • Heating Element & Ice Pack Tip Attachments
  • Classic Massage Kit (3 tools in one)
  • Resistance Band
  • BuzzBall Vibrating Roller
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Warm Up Tips for Dancers- Featuring Dr. Nina, PT

Dance demands a lot from your body! Preparing your muscles for the intense physical activity will help you perform your best on stage. This is the first video in our new series for 2023, "Self-Care Sundays - tips and tutorials for dancers."

In this video Dr. Nina Geromel, PT (aka The Pointe Doc) demonstrates how to prepare your feet, legs, hips, and shoulders for dance by warming up your muscles and removing tightness within your muscles and connective tissue.

This warm-up routine utilizes the Dance Buddy Portable Massager to assist during the warm-up.

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Who Is Using Dance Buddy?

Some of your favorite dancers are using Dance Buddy products to keep their bodies feeling great on the dance floor.

Beyond Just Feeling Good

Massages feel amazing, but the benefits stretch far beyond just feeling good.

Regularly massaging your muscles provides dozens of benefits that will keep you performing at your best.. and feeling great while doing so. The Dance Buddy portable massager makes it easier than ever to give your muscles a powerful, refreshing, & rejuvenating massage to recover quickly and get back out on the dance floor.

Dance Buddy Massager Benefits:
>> Reduced Recovery Time
>> Release Tension & Tightness
>> Eliminate Aches and Pains
>> Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility
>> Reduced Injuries

Benefits of Percussion Massage

What Dancers Have to Say

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Dr. Nina as demonstrates two great exercises to strengthen your Hip & Glute muscles to improve Balance & Control while dancing.

Reducing Knee Pain While Dancing

Follow along with Dr. Nina Geromel, Physical Therapist, as she demonstrates massages and exercises to alleviate and prevent knee pains common while dancing.

Balance & Stability Exercises for Dancers

Follow along with Dr. Nina Geromel, Physical Therapist as she guides you through a series of exercises that will improve your balance by activating your core and glute muscles for stabilization.
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