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Competition Season Is Here

Competition weekends push our bodies to the limit. Save 15% on the most popular recovery tools needed keep performing your best.

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Holiday Shopping & Sales are Here!

I can't hardly believe the holidays are already here!

Good News! This means huge sales on our best selling packages for the special dancer in your life.

Savings of 15% or more on the massage, recovery, balance, and strength training tools your dancer has been asking for.

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What Dancers Have to Say

Beyond Just Feeling Good

Massages feel amazing, but the benefits stretch far beyond just feeling good.

Regularly massaging your muscles provides dozens of benefits that will keep you performing at your best.. and feeling great while doing so. The Dance Buddy portable massager makes it easier than ever to give your muscles a powerful, refreshing, & rejuvenating massage to recover quickly and get back out on the dance floor.

Dance Buddy Massager Benefits:
>> Reduced Recovery Time
>> Release Tension & Tightness
>> Eliminate Aches and Pains
>> Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility
>> Reduced Injuries

Benefits of Percussion Massage

Recent Blog Posts

Foot & Ankle Warm Up Routine

In this video Cindy will taking you through one of her favorite 10-minute foot & ankle routines. This warm up routine and series of exercises helps dancers build strength and flexibility in their feet and ankles.

6 Tips for Speeding Up Muscle Recovery

We have all experienced soreness, fatigue, and aches after dancing full out for hours and even days on end. These 6 Tips show you how to reduce the recovery time so your muscles can return to peak performance.

Getting Started Guide - Using your Dance Buddy Massager

You have your new Dance Buddy portable massager, and now you are ready to take advantage of all it has to offer. This Getting Started guide will walk you through all the steps from charging it up, to starting to massage your muscles.
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