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Are You Ready for A Massage?

Powerful Massaging That Is Travel Friendly

The Dance Buddy Portable Massager packs an incredibly powerful massage into tiny massager that is not only easy to use, but also easy to pack in your dance bag so it is ready when & where you need it most.

Dance puts a lot of demands on your body and requires extremely athletic movements to be combined with grace, style, and emotion. These demands also come with a jam-packed schedule leaving almost no time for your muscles and joints to fully recover between performances.

The Dance Buddy Massager along with our line of recovery tools aids in reducing recovery time and keeping your muscles fresh and ready to perform your best. This not only keeps you feeling fantastic, but also reduces your risk of injury.

Performing Your Best, Starts with Feeling Your Best!

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Warm Up Tips for Dancers- Featuring Dr. Nina, PT

Dance demands a lot from your body! Preparing your muscles for the intense physical activity will help you perform your best on stage. This is the first video in our new series for 2023, "Self-Care Sundays - tips and tutorials for dancers."

In this video Dr. Nina Geromel, PT (aka The Pointe Doc) demonstrates how to prepare your feet, legs, hips, and shoulders for dance by warming up your muscles and removing tightness within your muscles and connective tissue.

This warm-up routine utilizes the Dance Buddy Portable Massager to assist during the warm-up.

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Who Is Using Dance Buddy?

Some of your favorite dancers are using Dance Buddy products to keep their bodies feeling great on the dance floor.

Beyond Just Feeling Good

Massages feel amazing, but the benefits stretch far beyond just feeling good.

Regularly massaging your muscles provides dozens of benefits that will keep you performing at your best.. and feeling great while doing so. The Dance Buddy portable massager makes it easier than ever to give your muscles a powerful, refreshing, & rejuvenating massage to recover quickly and get back out on the dance floor.

Dance Buddy Massager Benefits:
>> Reduced Recovery Time
>> Release Tension & Tightness
>> Eliminate Aches and Pains
>> Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility
>> Reduced Injuries

Benefits of Percussion Massage

What Dancers Have to Say

Recent Blog Posts

Exercises for Building Powerful Leaps & Jumps

Dr. Nina demonstrates two exercises you can perform at home to build and develop your muscles for those impressive and beautiful huge leaps and jumps while dancing.

Relieve and Prevent Foot Pains from Dancing

Three at-home exercises and stretches you can perform to relieve foot pains commonly experienced from dancing.

4 Back Exercises & Stretches for Dancers

Follow along with Dr. Nina Geromel as she demonstrates 4 exercises and stretches for your upper and lower back. These exercises will assist you with gaining tall, upright posture for long beautiful lines while dancing. 
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