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Home Studio Trainer Pack

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Training for dance doesn't just happen at the dance studio. The Home Studio Trainer Pack includes professional Massage & Recovery tools and Yoga Blocks for use at home to build the necessary strength, flexibility, and balance to perform your best on stage.

This bundle includes 5 of Dance Buddy's most effective training and recovery tools.

  1. Dance Buddy Massager (Best Seller)
  2. Classic Massage Kit (Three tools in one)
  3. Temperature Tips (Brand New Item!)
  4. Resistance Band 
  5. Yoga Block Pair

How much does the massager weigh?
The massager, tips, and travel case combined weigh approx 2lbs.

What size is the travel case?
The travel case measures 7.5in x 7.5in x 2.5in. This case fits the massager, 4 tips, charging cable, and includes a small pocket for other items you may want to carry.

Dance Buddy's massager is charged using USB type-C, similar to many cell phones. Charging cable is included with purchase.

Charging from 5% to 100% takes around 3 hours. Once fully charged the battery will last between 4-5 hours of use depending on the intensity level chosen.

If the battery completely dies it is recommened to recharge back to 100% before using again.

Can I use the massager with Hypermobility Syndrom or similar medial conditions?
A percussion massager like Dance Buddy's is safe for use with many medical conditions. However, everyone's circumstances and severity is different so we cannot decide if this is safe for you.

Dance Buddy comes with a 30 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. For the most accurate answer purchase the massager and take it to your doctor to inspect and decide if it is safe to use. If your doctor does not feel the massager is right for you, return it for a complete, hassle-free refund.

I recently pulled my muscle or suffered an injury, will the massager help?
If you recently suffered an injury, such as a sprain or torn muscle STOP using the massager and please speak to your doctor.

It is highly recommended to let your injury fully heal before using the massager again. Once you are healed the massager start using the massager again to assist with preventing future injuries.


Try the products for 30 days. If you are not completely impressed with how great you feel, return it for a full 100% refund of the purchase price.

Dance Buddy products come with a 1-year warranty. If the massager stops working for *any reason Dance Buddy will replace with a brand new massager.

* Warranty does not cover water damage or physical damage from misuse.

Half the Size. All the Benefits

Dancers are absolutely in love with this portable massager!

Dance Buddy understands you are always on-the-go and need a recovery tool that can easily travel between home, the studio, competition, and wherever else you are performing.

It is now easier than ever to to quickly recover from intense performances and perform at your best, even on busy competitions days. This not only keeps you feeling great and allows you to perform better for longer, but studies have shown this massaging reduces your chance injury.

Try the Dance Buddy for yourself competely risk free for 30 days. Dance Buddy comes with a 30-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read about it here.

Quicker Recovery

Recover faster and get back out on the dance floor feeling rejuvenated and performing your best.

Eliminate Pain

Feel your best all season long by preventing aches and pains before they happen.

Increase Flexibility

Stretch further than ever before by relieving tightness and soreness in your muscles and connective tissue.

Prevent Injuries

Reduce overuse injuries by regularly massaging your muscles and preventing fatigue & tightness.

The Recovery Tool Dancers are Obsessed With

Dancers are going wild about how much they love their Dance Buddy Massager.

The Dance Buddy massager delivers the powerful massaging dancers need into a lightweight, portable massager you can easily carry in your dance bag. The Dance Buddy massager keeps you performing your best on the dance floor, by keeping you feeling your best. Eliminate aches, pains, soreness, and injuries with the massager designed for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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Ice Pack & Heating Massage Tips

The Next Phase In Recovery Techonology Is Finally Here.

Icing muscles and applying cold packs have been used successfully for years by athletes to improve their recovery time and enhance their future performances. Dance Buddy is taking this to the next level with their Ice Pack Massage Tip. This gives you all the benefits of applying cold temperatures to your muscles to improve recovery times, while also massaging away tightness and improving circulation to even further reduce recovery time, allowing you to always remain at your best.

Do you enjoy a Hot Stone massage?... Yes, of course you do. Now you can enjoy that feeling everywhere you go by adding the Heating Tip to your Dance Buddy Portable Massager.  The incredible Heating Tip warms up to 140 degrees while giving your muscles an invigorating massage. This is outstanding preparation performances to loosen your muscles, maximize your range of motion, and ensure you are ready to hit the dance floor with fire.

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Classic Massage Kit

Classics for a reason.. They Work Great!

Dance Buddy packaged together 3 of the most effective, time-tested, massage tools on the market into one Massage Kit. Dancers can massage every major muscle group with the 3 versitile and effective massage tools included in the Massage Kit.

Massage Roller
Excellent for massaging all areas of your legs, calves, and hips. With the help of a friend, you can also target your arms and shoulders.

Lacrosse Ball
The Lacrosse Ball is one of the most versitle massage tools a dancer can buy. The lacrosse ball allows you to target nearly every major muscle group. It is also easy to use without a partner allowing you to massage your back and upper shoulders without needing assistance.

Spiky Massage Ball
legendary tool for massaging your feet and arches, the Spiky Massage Ball is a must-have for dancers. The Spiky Massage ball has similar versitility as the Lacrosse Ball, but with pointed edges which are great for loosening knots and targeting trigger points.

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A Staple for Dancers

Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and stability though training exercises with Dance Buddy's Resistance Band.

The extra-large 6 inch width gives a large surface area for your feet and hands, allowing for maximum control and performance while training. 

The 60 inch length allows you to increase and decrease the level of resistance by grabbing closer or further from the center of the band. This allows for high levels of versatility when exercising. 

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Balance & Flexibility Training

A necessity for every dancer to improve balance, and flexibility.

Dozens of configurations to perform difference exercises and stretches to improve balance, flexibility and core strength for dancers.

Yoga Blocks are a muli-purpose tool that will be used almost daily by your dancer.

Dance Buddy Yoga Blocks are built using a sturdy and lightweight foam material.

Size: 4in x 6in x 9in
Qty: Set of Two Yoga Blocks.

Dancers Love Their Massager

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