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Massage Kit

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$39 worth of massage products, available for only $25!

Dance Buddy combined 3 of our favorite, easy to use massage tools into this Massage Kit, giving you outstanding massage for an unbeatable value. We even added a convenient travel bag to keep your products clean and easy to find when packed in your dance bag.

Massage Kit Includes

  • Massage Roller: $19
  • Lacrosse Ball: $10
  • Spiky Massage Ball: $10



Classics For A Reason... They WORK!

These massage tools have been used for decades, and for good reason... They work great.

Dance Buddy packaged together 3 of the most effective, time-tested, massage tools on the market into one Massage Kit. Dancers can massage every major muscle group with the 3 versitile and effective massage tools included in the Massage Kit.

Massage Roller
Excellent for massaging all areas of your legs, calves, and hips. With the help of a friend, you can also target your arms and shoulders.

Lacrosse Ball
The Lacrosse Ball is one of the most versitle massage tools a dancer can buy. The lacrosse ball allows you to target nearly every major muscle group. It is also easy to use without a partner allowing you to massage your back and upper shoulders without needing assistance.

Spiky Massage Ball
A legendary tool for massaging your feet and arches, the Spiky Massage Ball is a must-have for dancers. The Spiky Massage ball has similar versitility as the Lacrosse Ball, but with pointed edges which are great for loosening knots and targeting trigger points.

Massage Kit Recovery Tools

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