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Reducing Knee Pain While Dancing

Reducing Knee Pain While Dancing

Massages and Exercises to reduce and prevent knee pains and injuries while dancing.

Follow along with Dr. Nina Geromel, Physical Therapist, as she demonstrates massages and exercises to alleviate and prevent knee pains common while dancing.

Knee pains are one of the most common injury types for dancers. Learning techniques and exercises to reduce injuries, pains, as well as correct improper movements will greatly reduce your risk of pain and injuries in your knees while dancing.

The exercises in this video will help alleviate the knee pain caused when dancing due to tightness in the muscles as well as strengthen muscles for better technique. It is not uncommon for dancers to experience the said type of pain since the constant movement repetitions can lead to excessive wear and tear in the knee’s joints and tendons. Therefore, Dr. Nina focuses on exercises that help loosen the muscles that may be pulling or adding extra tension on the knee, while also teaching how to strengthen specific muscles that can provide support to the joints.

The main muscles worked in this video are the quadriceps and glutes. Reducing tightness within your quad muscles will remove unwanted tension on the knee joints and tendons. On the other hand, the glute muscles assist in knee pain relief because they help stabilize the hips and thighs. Maintaining those muscles in place reduces the force exerted on the knee joints when landing from jumps, squatting for pliés, and running before leaps.


Massaging with Dance Buddy Massager

Massaging the muscles is a great way to relieve tension as well as help increase mobility. By using the Dance Buddy Massager, the muscles relax leading to an overall improvement of the blood flow, which is especially beneficial for the knee due to the abundance of ligaments present in the area.


Massaging with Massage Stick

Another great way to help with muscular relaxation is using a Massage Stick. Similar to the Massage Gun, this tool also helps improve blood flow and help with knee pain. However, an additional benefit to using this tool is that the dancer is free to exert the specific amount of pressure desired on the body.


Clam Shell Exercise

For this exercise, you will be focusing on the side and lower glute muscles. It is important to develop this muscle group because they help protect the lower back and knees. By strengthening these muscles, you will improve your hip stability which will eventually help gain power and balance when dancing.



It is just as important to relax and care for the muscles as it is to strengthen them, that is why Dr. Nina Geromel leads the video with techniques on how to use the Dance Buddy Massager and Massage Stick to effectively benefit from them. She also demonstrates an exercise that targets glute strength development, to better support the knee joints and prepare them for the high-intensity movements required in dance.


Learn more about Dr. Nina Geromel, The Pointe Doc.

Learn more about the Dance Buddy Portable Massager and Massage Stick used in this video.

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