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Hip & Glute Exercises for Dancers

Hip & Glute Exercises for Dancers

Gain Balance, Control, and Stability While Dancing

Improve you balance and stability while dancing with these exercises to strengthen your hips and glute muscles. Follow along with Dr. Nina as she demonstrates a two great exercises to target these muscles.

Hip & Glute Exercises 1:

Kneeling Hip Circles

This variation of the Keeling Hip Circle exercise includes holding a ball behind your knee. The act of holding the ball will engage your hamstring gain extra benefit from the exercise.

The Kneeling Hip Circle movement will target your Glute muscles allowing you to gain additional stability in your hips. This stability in your hips will give balance, accuracy, power, and grace to many of your dance movements.


Hip & Glute Exercise 2:

Side and Backward Taps with Resistance

This exercise has two movements. A step to the side touching our toes to the ground and a step backward touching our toes to the ground again. These two movements target several of the muscles around our hips and glutes to build strength all around our hips.

With this exercise it is important to also focus on our standing leg. This leg should maintain good alignment from our hips, knee, and ankle; not allowing our knee to turn or collapse inward. It may be helpful to practice this exercise in a mirror to watch for that alignment.


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