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Getting Started Guide - Using your Dance Buddy Massager

Getting Started Guide - Using your Dance Buddy Massager

You have your new Dance Buddy portable massager, and now you are ready to take advantage of all it has to offer. This Getting Started guide will walk you through all the steps from charging it up, to starting to massage your muscles.


Your Dance Buddy portable massager comes in a protective carry case. This will keep the tips, charger, and portable massager safe in your dance bag.

Inside the box

  • 1 Dance Buddy protective travel case
  • 1 Dance Buddy portable massager
  • 4 unique massage tips (Sponge Ball, U-Shape, Deep Tissue, Dome)
  • 1 USC Type-C charging cable
  • 1 instruction/care guide


Charging and Battery Life

The Dance Buddy portable massager typically arrives ready to use, with around 50% of a full charge. The massager will run for approximately 4-5 hours on a full charge, depending on the intensity setting used. Recharging the massager to 100% may take up to 2.5 – 3 hours. Recharging the Dance Buddy massager is easy with the included USB type-C charging cable. The port to recharge the massager is on the base of the handle, near the power button. If you happen to lose the power cable, any USB type-C charging cable may be used as a replacement.

Batter Life Indicator Light

The power level indicator light is on the base of the handle near charging port. While the massager is on or charging the light will change colors from green, yellow, and red to indicate how much battery life remains. When the battery life indicator is red the massager may lose some force and must be recharged. While the massager is plugged in and recharging the blue intensity level lights will cycle letting you know the massager is receiving power and charging. When the massager reaches a full charge the power level indicator light will turn green and begin blinking.


Power On and Changing Intensity

The power button is located on the base of the handle and is used to power on/off the massager as well as changing the intensity. Pressing the power button for 3 seconds will power on or off the massager. The massager will always power on at the lowest intensity level. While powered on clicking the power button will cycle the intensity level between the 4 levels. Blue indicator lights above the power button show which of the 4 intensity levels the massager is currently set to.


Safety Shut Off

The massager will power off after 10 minutes of use. It is not recommended to massage any one muscle group for longer than 10 minutes. To assist with notifying you to switch muscle groups the massager has a build in timer and power off after 10 minutes. After the massager powers off you may turn it back on and resume massaging.


Changing Massage Tips

The Dance Buddy massager comes with 4 massage tips to give a total body massage. Changing out the massage tips is easy. The massage tips are not locked in place or screwed into the machine.

  1. Power off the massager.
  2. Firmly grab the massage tip currently in the massager.
  3. Pull straight out, sometimes giving a small twist loosen tight tips.
  4. Push the new tip into the base of the massager.

That’s it! Changing out the tips is simple.


Massaging your Muscles

The Dance Buddy massager uses percussion massaging to relax your muscles and give an invigorating massage. This improves circulation to the area bringing oxygen to your muscles and loosening up tight areas providing many benefits related to recovery, flexibility, injury prevention, and pain management.

Proper Use (The Do’s)

  • Use on soft tissue and “meaty” areas of your body.
  • Point the massager directly at your muscle so the massage head pushes into your body and vibrates your muscles.
  • Move the massager back and forth along the muscles staying away from boney areas.
  • Often your muscles will begin feeling relaxed after 1 – 3 minutes of massaging. This varies a lot depending on your size, age, and activity levels; massage the length of time you feel is best.
  • Massage both tight muscles and the areas around those tight muscles to assist with connective tissue and muscles indirectly impacted by the tightness.

Improper Use and Safety (The Don’ts)

  • Never use the massager on your face or other boney areas.
  • Never use the massager in water.
  • Do not massage one muscle group for longer than 10 minutes. The massager will power off after 10 minutes of use to remind you to switch muscle groups.
  • If you recently suffered an injury like a pulled muscle or tear stop using the massager and consult with your doctor.
  • If you have certain medical conditions like Hypermobility Syndrome please consult your physician. Dance Buddy is safe to use (and helps) with many medical conditions, but please get your physician’s advice for your specific case.


Cleaning and Proper Care

The Dance Buddy portable massager is not waterproof. Please keep out of the rain or other areas where the massager may get wet. Cleaning the massager with a damp cloth is safe, but do not submerge or place the massager under running water. Cleaning the massager with antibacterial wipes after a few uses is recommended to keep the massager clean and free from germs, especially if you share the massager with friends.

The massager includes a 1-year warranty. If you feel the massager is not functioning properly please do not take the massager apart and attempt repairing yourself, this will void the warranty. You may contact Dance Buddy at to discuss the problem and we will happily and promptly find a way to resolve the issue.

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