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Foot & Ankle Exercises to Build Strength and Stability

Foot & Ankle Exercises to Build Strength and Stability

Reduce Ankle Injuries and Improve Dance Movements by Building Strength & Stability.

Follow along with Dr. Nina Geromel, The Pointe Doc. through a series of exercises that will help prevent dance injuries by building strength and stability.



The exercises in this routine will help develop and strengthen the muscles around the ankles as well as the intrinsic muscles of the feet. It is important to do so since these are the muscles that assist with force distribution and manage posture while walking and dancing. Additionally, by repeating the exercises shown the necessary strength will be developed to reduce the risk of injury, such as sprains and strains.

Dr. Nina Geromel instructs how to use a resistance/exercise band in a set of five exercises and their variations, to create the resistance needed to develop the specific supporting muscles of your feet and ankles.


Ankle Eversion

During this exercise, your shin and calf muscles (especially the foot extensor muscle and Achilles tendon) are activated. When dancing, these are the muscles that will grant the ability to get higher leaps. By strengthening these muscles, you will be able to get more power in your jumps and have better landing stability.


Building Foot Strength

This exercise will build strength for the top of your feet and toes, as well as assist with gaining control over the toe muscles. In addition, these stretches help to prevent ligament inflammation (plantar fasciitis) which can cause ankle pain. Dancers need to maintain consistent footwork to maximize protection on the joints and develop higher jumps.


Variation of Foot Strength Build-up

By expanding the feet and toe exercises to the hip socket and allowing the turnout rotation to part from it, the mobility work will create space in the body to release tension in the joints and prepare the body for further flexibility work.


Foot Strength Variation to Develop Arch Support

As a dancer, it is crucial to develop arch support since it will help with keeping the feet, knees, hips, back, and core in proper alignment. Not only will proper alignment improve overall balance and body control, but it will also provide a more confident and elegant appearance when dancing.


Foot Stability & Toe Exercise

This is another great exercise to strengthen and stretch the intrinsic muscles of the foot and a great way to work on balance and stability as you’ll be standing. The option to add a resistance band is always good if you are looking for an extra challenge in the routine.



These exercises will help develop the muscles needed to maximize jumps and stability while dancing. They are a great way to strengthen and help reduce the risk of injuries when performing, while simultaneously helping with proper alignment.


Need a Resistance Band for your exercises?

Learn more about the amazing and knowledgeable Dr. Nina Geromel (The Pointe Doc) here:

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